Reducing File Size

By default, the kontra export is the entire library. This means that by default Kontra is a bit large. However, Kontra has been written using ES Modules which means you can use a module bundler such as Rollup or esbuild to take advantage of tree-shaking. This will reduce the file size by only bundling the code you need.

// game.js
import { Sprite, GameLoop } from 'kontra';

let sprite = Sprite({
  x: 100,
  y: 100,
  dx: 2,
  width: 20,
  height: 40,
  color: 'red'

let loop = GameLoop({
  update() {
  render() {

# rollup
rollup game.js --format iife --file game.bundle.js

# esbuild
esbuild game.js --bundle --format=iife --outfile=game.bundle.js

Kontra Bundler Plugins

Kontra supports even more granular control over the file size if tree shaking is not enough. If you're looking to remove unused parts of the Sprite class, such as rotation or anchor, you can use a kontra bundler plugin to remove entire parts of the Sprite codebase. Just pass the functionality you want enabled and the bundler plugin will remove the rest.

// rollup.config.js
import kontra from 'rollup-plugin-kontra'

export default {
  entry: 'entry.js',
  dest: 'bundle.js',
  plugins: [
      gameObject: {
        // enable only velocity and rotation functionality
        velocity: true,
        rotation: true
      vector: {
        // enable vector length functionality
        length: true
      // turn on debugging
      debug: true

Supported Plugins

Available Options

Options are passed by nesting the option with the parent source. For example, to enable the image functionality of a sprite, you would pass sprite: { image: true }.

All options default to false, so only pass the options you wish to enable. Passing no options will result in a Sprite with just position, width, height, and color.

Note: Some of the more advance classes – such as Button or Grid – require some of the gameObject functionality to work properly. If you are using those, you will need to enable the group feature or they will not work.

gameObject Options:

Name Functionality Enabled
acceleration acceleration, ddx, ddy
anchor anchor
group children, parent, addChild, removeChild
opacity opacity
rotation rotation
scale scaleX, scaleY, setScale()
ttl ttl, isAlive
velocity velocity, dx, dy

sprite Options:

Name Functionality Enabled
animation animations, playAnimation
image image

text Options:

Name Functionality Enabled
autoNewline Setting a fixed with that automatically adds new lines to the text
newline Support for new line characters (\n) in the text
rtl Support for RTL languages
textAlign textAlign

tileEngine Options:

Name Functionality Enabled
camera sx, sy, add, remove
dynamic setLayer, setTileAtLayer
query layerCollidesWith, tileAtLayer
tiled Support for resolving linked Tiled files (source, image)

vector Options:

Name Functionality Enabled
angle angle() (also enables length and dot)
clamp clamp()
distance distance()
dot dot()
length length()
normalize normalize() (also enables length)
scale scale()
subtract subract()

General Options:

General options do not have a parent source and are passed as siblings to the other source options. For example, to enable debugging you would just pass debug: true.

Name Functionality Enabled
debug Turn on debugging information